8×7+1×19W Window Regulator Steel Cord
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8×7+1×19W Window Regulator Steel Cord

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Product Description

8×7+1×19W Window Regulator Steel Cord:

Wire rope is generally composed of wires, strands and a core formed in a helix (spiral) pattern. Steel wires are precisely formed in a helix geometric pattern to form a strand, which is called "stranding." Strands are then laid around the core to form a wire rope, which is called "closing." Steel cable wire ropes vary by:
Diameter of the rope: To properly measure the diameter of steel wire ropes, measure the rope at its widest point. This is an industry standard with wire cable manufacturers and steel cable suppliers.
Grade of Steel- IPS, EIPS, EEIPS: IPS is the abbreviation for Improved Plowed Steel. EIPS is Extra Improved Plowed Steel and has roughly 10% more strength than IPS. EEIPS is Extra Extra Improved Plowed Steel and is approximately 10% stronger than the EIPS. We carry a great selection of IPS and EIPS wire ropes.

Scope of application: wire rope for automotive glass lifter

Wire rope composition: 8×7+1×19W 1.5mm

Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized


Breaking strength above 2.13KN

Permanent elongation ≤0.1%

Elastic elongation ≤0.9%

Bending durability more than 15000 times

Corrosion resistance above 144h

Straightness Below 70mm per meter

☆ Other technical requirements shall be implemented according to GB/T14451-2008

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